In any contested race, it’s important not only to motivate your supporters to turn out, but also to convince “on-the-fence” voters to join your cause. But how do you reach the right voters—and with the correct message?

Our persuasion messaging can help. We craft customized scripts to reach the right voters with a message to convince them to join your cause. Usually we combine this persuasion messaging with a candidate/issue support question  for maximum effect. Alternatively, we can also incorporate data collected by volunteers, phone banks or field teams.

Normally, we use the data from the Persuasion/Identification calling round to customize future messages to the targeted audience. We talk to targeted voters on issues that matter specifically to them, reinforcing the other campaign messaging underway. We look for patterns in voter feedback among Undecideds. When we find one message is more powerful than another, we pass this information along to the campaign, enabling on-the-fly tactical adjustments. We also analyze the data from the ID calls to craft the message for further persuasion.



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