Brad Chism understands the intersection of economics and public policy. As a Rhodes Scholar his graduate work focused on economics and politics. He has worked on regulatory matters and new policy initiatives since 1985 when he first served as a key policy advisor for Governor Bill Allain. Over the ensuing decades he has built an unparalleled nationwide network of elected officials, consultants, policy advisors, media figures, and politicos of all sorts. His experience includes a range of issues: consumer rights, heath care funding and regulation; intellectual property legislation; gaming, tobacco tax, beer and liquor taxes; local land use and zoning issues; and environmental legislation. Brad has consulted on campaigns at the highest level of government, advising candidates and elected officials from State Legislatures, to the US House, US Senate, Governors, and Presidents.

Joe Binns brings his two decades of experiences in electoral politics, grassroots advocacy and public relations to bear for our public affairs clients, developing messages and strategies based on extensive research and a thorough understanding of the targets and goals. He was the Southeastern Director for the largest grassroots campaign ever conducted in the United States and has extensive experience in issue advocacy at the state and federal level. His past non-partisan clients include PhRMA, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Federal Home Loan Bank, environmental non-governmental organizations, the Farm Credit Council and various patient advocacy groups. 


Strategic Consulting

Chism Strategies' clients have access to over 9 decades worth of campaign experience. The insights, learned lessons and connections we have developed from involvement in over 1,400 campaigns ensures the intelligent allocation of resources and the straightest path to victory. This includes work on all levels of campaigns nationwide, from the Courthouse to the White House.

Few firms been involved in as many campaigns as Chism Strategies and have been recognized for our efforts with numerous peer review awards; but we don’t sit around staring at our trophy case. We are on to the next challenge. There are no templates for a win. We develop custom strategies for our clients based on extensive research and a thorough understanding of the targets and goals. We anticipate potential stumbling blocks and combine battle tested tactics with creative uses of new technologies into a plan with an eye toward wise allocation of resources. We regularly out think the competition and move legislative, electoral and regulatory needles in ways that we can demonstrate.

Grassroots Organizing, Coalition Building, and Issue Advocacy

What’s better than a pitch perfect message delivered to the right decision maker at the right time? That message delivered by an army of allies as engaged and passionate about the issue as you are.

When you can demonstrate wide spread, commitment and support for your issue, decision makers take notice. The principals at Chism Strategies and our own nationwide coalition of operatives, advocates and opinion leaders work with elected officials, advocacy groups, grass tops leaders and the grassroots to build coalitions that get attention. But we don’t stop there. We educate and train these partners, amplifying their individual and collective voice. The result is a coalition that is exponentially more effective than the sum of its parts. The trust we’ve built working with these people and groups, many of whom have been clients themselves, makes getting the ball rolling fast and easy.

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