Candidates and Ballot Measures

Gauging the Political Landscape–Some election contests are chess matches. Others are checkers. Regardless, we have the tools you need to chart your path to victory 

  • Detailed Voter File Analysis
    • Geopolitiqs mapping 
    • Electoral landscape overviews
    • Voter List hygiene and commercial list enhancements
  • Survey Research
    • IVR Surveys
    • IVR/Cell Phone Live Operator Surveys
    • Data collection for custom modeling


Voter Persuasion and Turnout

  •  Best Practices in Messaging—Our communications are grounded in the latest social science research on the best tools and language to persuade voters. And we work extensively with academic research centers and progressive think tanks to field test new ideas on how to better energize our targets.
  • The Right Tools 
    • Live calls–We customize scripts for the purpose at hand (support ID, persuasion, turnout, event attendance, etc.) and then engage in productive conversations with your target audience
    • Robocalls—We offer traditional robocalls to landlines in your universe and ringless voice mail calls for mobile phone voters who have opted into your call lists.  We can also deploy interactive robocalls that capture voter responses to questions.
    • Texting Programs—Text messaging is an effective way to get your message out to voters; more than 95% of texts are read within five minutes of receipt, and people respond to texts more quickly and more often than traditional emails.
    • Multichannel town halls—We can facilitate interactive conversations with thousands of people at once through their land lines, cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktops as you live stream directly to your campaign website and post social media audio and video content in real time.  


Grassroots Advocacy

Winning at the ballot box is seldom enough. Progressive causes turn to us to assist in shaping public policy from City Hall to the US Senate. We help decide what words to use, when to say them and how forceful to speak. We combine thirty years of experience in public policy actions—consumer rights, civil rights, environmental protection, heath care expansion, smart growth and land use issues—to understand the right mix of grassroots advocacy tools for each unique legislative battle.

  • Direct Connect Calls
  • Integrated Texting/Phone Programs
  • Toll free Hotlines
  • Multichannel town halls
  • Digital advocacy



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