PolitIQs: What Phone Firms Want to Tell You, but are Afraid You’ll Take the Wrong Way

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With a little less than 2 weeks left in this campaign season political phone consultants all over the country are burning the midnight oil. Campaign managers, IE committee staffers and general consultants are sorting through the phone bank proposals and spreadsheets submitted by Chism Strategies and others trying to determine their best option. With all this in mind, see below for important things to keep in mind and excuse the blunt tone. 

1. Beware of the robocalls pricing in the first line of the spreadsheet. Some campaigns with a  six figure budget for a paid phone program will base their decision on a two cent differential in the robocalls price—less than a 1% savings in the overall communications budget. You remember the “loss leader” concept from Marketing 101.

2. Pick two of the three: High Quality. Quick Turnaround. Moderate Pricing. It costs more for a phone firm to  compress the timeline on programming and launch of your calls than for another campaign whose project was booked a week earlier.   We pay for more staff time and extra money to the call house to move you to the head of the line.

3. Just say NO. The good phone firms know you have optionsTelling us you’ve made a decision to go with someone else rather than the email reply of “no decision yet” or worse, no reply at all, eliminates anxiety and wasted energy all around.  

4. Musical chairs in hyper drive. There is a finite number of calling hours available among  credible US call centers the last fortnight of a campaign.  Every statewide race that locks in its GOTV program reduces available capacity. The music speeds up as we get closer to Election Day. Don’t be left standing when the chairs are all gone.

5.You get what you pay for. Quality, knowledge and experience cost a little more. With us you'll have confidence that your job will not go out at 4am, you'll get scripts that incorporate the latest research and access to a team of seasoned, knowledgeable consultants. We have a number of solid competitors who have been in this business a long time and do quality work.   For the sake of your candidates and ballot measures, if you don’t use us, please use one of them. But beware of the opportunistic vendor offering to sell you robocalls AND yard signs AND refrigerator magnets…. 


If you’d like more information on how we can help you in the home stretch and even if you want a list of the firms we consider worthy competitors, please call me at 601.918.4563 or email me.

And as always, we invite you to join our voter research conversation on Twitter @ChismStrat.

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