PolitIQs Pew Research Series Continues: Pitchforks for Plutocrats


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Our recent analyses of the Pew Trust’s 2014 Political Typology report have focused on the likely Democrat segments of the electorate and issues that Republicans might use to divide the coalition. You can review the complete series of earlier posts here: Describing the Democratic MixReligion and the Democratic Mix, and Responding to the GOP's Red Meat

Today we discuss opportunities to exploit divisions on the Right and even poach voters.  

The Pew Study describes the Steadfast Conservatives (15% of the electorate) and the Business Conservatives (12% of voters) as reliably Republican. The Steadfast Conservatives comprise the electoral cluster most angry at the federal government, almost all white, overwhelmingly male and as a rule, less educated and less affluent than the Business Conservatives.  And they differ widely on the issues of corporate power in America and  Wall Street regulation.

Steadfast Conservatives are like Liberals in that 71% of them believe that there is too much power concentrated in the hands of a few large companies. And Steadfast Conservatives are almost evenly divided that Wall Street hurts the economy more than it helps.  

This fissure creates opportunities for progressives IE efforts in the remaining primary election season. And where establishment GOP candidates have third party opposition this fall, well placed reminders about the cozy relationship between the Republican establishment and the Plutocrats create opportunities for plurality Democratic wins in some seats. 

If you would like examples of campaign messaging that we’ve used to fracture the traditional alliances on the Right, just email me.

And if you’d like a more detailed discussion of the eight political clusters in the Pew Study, see the 2014 Political Typology. And as always, we invite you to join our voter research conversation on Twitter @ChismStrat.

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