2013 Statewide Clients

  • Mike Ross for Governor (AR)

2012 Statewide Clients

  • Kathleen Kane for Attorney General (PA)

2011 Statewide Clients

  • Tony Sanchez for Seminole Tribe President (FL)
  • Allison Grimes for Secretary of State (MS)
  • No on 26, Ballot Measure (MS)
  • Jim Hood for Attorney General (MS)
  • Bill Luckett for Governor (MS)
  • Connie Moran for Treasurer (MS)
  • Marshand Crisler for Trans. Commissioner (MS)
  • Warner McBride for N. District Trans Commissioner (MS)
  • Joel Winnig for Supreme Court (WI)

2010 Statewide Clients

  • Artur Davis for Governor (AL)
  • Caroline Fayard for Lt. Governor (LA)
  • Dave Aronberg for Attorney General (FL)
  • Dennis McIntyre for State Board of Education (NE)
  • Jim Rex for Governor (SC)
  • Jocelyn Benson for Secretary of State (MI)
  • John Hickenlooper for Governor (CO)
  • Ken Hodges for Attorney General (GA)
  • Larry Aceves for State Superintendent (CA)
  • Mike Beebe for Governor (AR)
  • PA America Votes for Dan Onorato for Governor (PA)
  • Pat O'Brien for Secretary of State (AR)
  • Richard Bernstein for Attorney General (MI)
  • WI LCV for Tom Barrett for Governor (WI) 

2009 Statewide Clients

  • Jim Rex for Governor (SC)
  • Jon Bowerbank for Lt. Governor (VA)
  • Terry McAuliffe for Governor (VA)
  • Virginia Coordinated Campaign on behalf of Creigh Deeds (VA)

2008 Statewide Clients

  • Chris Gregoire for Governor (WA)
  • No on Measure 2 (Aerial hunting) on behalf of Defenders of Wildlife (AK)
  • No on Amendment 46 (CO)

2007 Statewide Clients

  • Jim Folsom, Jr. for Lt. Governor (AL)
  • Mike Weaver for State Treasurer (KY)
  • Jody Richards for Governor (KY)
  • John Windsor for Secretary of State (MS)
  • Jamie Franks for Lt. Governor (MS)

2006 Statewide Clients

  • Ted Strickland for Governor (OH)*
  • Jim Doyle for Governor (WI)*
  • Charlie Fogerty for Governor (RI)*
  • Rod Smith for Governor (FL)
  • Bob Gammage for Governor (TX)
  • Sue Bell Cobb for Supreme Court Chief Justice (AL)
  • Bill Halter for Lt. Governor (AR)
  • Jari Askins for Lt. Governor (OK)*
  • Jim Rex for Superintendent of Education (SC)
  • Barbara Sykes for State Auditor (OH)
  • Paul Suskie for Attorney General (AR)
  • Larry Bradley for Board of Regents (NE)*

Prior to 2013, the Chism Strategies team served clients under the Zata|3 Consulting Company Name


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